Gravity Training System


SMAI Gravity Training System
- The SMAI Gravity Training System is a portable tool for the ultimate workout - perform hundreds of exercises to increase your body strength and power.
- Utilise your own body weight to train the entire body for functional strength, sports specific movements, rehabilitation, mobility work, cardiovascular endurance and hypertrophy.
- Made from top quality seat belt webbing and adjustable in length to accommodate for any skill level.
- Specially-designed hand/foot loop.
- Compact enough to go with you anywhere and sets up within seconds. (All you need is a stable weight bearing frame to hang it from.)

Hanging the GTS
- Wrap orange strap twice around a load bearing beam. (By wrapping the strap twice it reduces the stress on stitching and carabiner clip. )
- Check the carabiner clip is in lock position before using - every time.

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