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From The Corner, based in Auckland, New Zealand, only stocks the best quality boxing products on the market.

Our online store provides fast delivery nationwide and overseas to our growing community.


Stocked at NZ's Boxing Alley gym.


#1 Try on before you buy.

Finding the right pair of boxing gloves, a head guard or any other gear is tricky unless you can try them on.
If you see this icon below featured on a product's page, we've got it at Boxing Alley!



#2 Conveniently located in the city.

Simply park next door and view our range at Boxing Alley gym, 21 Stanley Street, Parnell, Auckland.
For parking directions, please view the guide on the Boxing Alley website by clicking HERE


#3 Looking for something in particular?

Want to make sure we've got a specific product in stock to try on?
Simply drop us a message HERE - we'll reply as soon as possible!