In The Shadow Of Empire


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19 year-old Martin Lewis set out to see the world.

During the course of his life he survived a world war, four active service postings, three shootings and an angry mob.

He led an expedition across the Libyan desert; patrolled the jungles of Malaya and Borneo; caught a serial burglar; guarded Hess, Speer and von Schirach; served as a District Commissioner, Magistrate and part-time chopper pilot; wrote a White Paper; established a world-famous hiking trail; and ‘made the biggest and most successful land grab in Hong Kong’s history’.

He worked in eight countries/territories under British influence before independence or hand-over. Some reached transition peacefully, others after bitter terrorist fighting which he experienced first-hand.

He served in Cyprus, Libya, Malaya, Singapore, Borneo, Aden, West Berlin (British sector); the British Solomon Islands Protectorate and Hong Kong – eventually living in 14 countries and visiting another 50.

The enthusiasm and purpose he showed in his work is reflected in this gripping portrayal of a confident and bright young man’s quest for experience at the end of Empire.

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