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Adidas KPower Kickboxing Gloves
The Adidas KPower glove is made of genuine cowhide leather and resistant PU at the cuff and palm. It features satin-like lining for comfort and a newly-developed, high-compression IMF pre-formed foam providing a even level of shock absorption during training. The rigid velcro strap closing on the ultra-long cuff provides an outstanding tightening of the wrist. The foam padding at the palm limits the impact when receiving side kicks. The unique construction of these gloves have been designed to optimise the power and the movements of a kickboxer.
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Adidas Performer Head Guard
The Adidas Performer Head Guard is one of the most advanced head guards on the market. The dense foam and gel combination offer incredible protection for forehead, cheeks and the side of the head. The head guard is easy to fasten and breathable, which ensures enhanced comfort.
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